Role of iPad app developers in construction industry


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iPad in constructionAt present mobile technology totally changed the way of working in construction industry. Initially, smart devices give a proper communication solution to the construction industry without having Wi-Fi capabilities.Big mechanical and chemical plants along with miners and construction site supervisors are the most benefited folks.

Apart from calling and text messaging capabilities of smartphones and tablets, there are several other advantages of using tablets in construction industry. Therefore, today we will restrict up to construction industry and would explore the involvement of iOS based tablet in the life of civil engineer.

Apple iPad mini

iPad devices are available in various screen sizes and capabilities. According to me iPad mini tablet is the most suitable device for civil engineers because they can easily put together in the safety wallet or hanging bags whilte they moving some odd places in their construction sites. Civil engineers can easily take advantages of its powerful camera and screen size for drawing files and other things.

iPad app developers role

iPad devices provide various opportunities to the developers as well as civil enginers. Now, with the iPad devices iPad app developers can easily make construction project management app to the construction firms or civil engineers. With construction project management app civil engineers can manage their projects easily. These apps give an easy to manage all the construction site in your finger tips. Some years ago it is difficult to multiple construction site with in a day by moving from one to another physically, even minor problems.

Made easy to get real time updates

Civil engineers of any big companies needed to see the drawing of each construction sites in every morning and issue appropriate instructions accordingly by moving or sending a supervisor from one site to another. Some years ago there was a big gap between construction sites, civil engineers and workers. These apps fulfill the gap between all of them by providing better connectivity by providing real time updates.

How iPad app developers can solve project management problems

Now iPad app developers can solve construction management problem by developing iPad apps. There are many iPad apps available in mobile market that enable to civil enginers to view latest updated Auto CAD drawings in their viewers installed on iPad. At present most of the civil engineers 3D softwares with all technical capabilities.

Live Trade off between office and site

CAD drafters in office need to update CAD files on server and begin trade off between engineers in real time using construction project management iPad applications. With these management app office accountants has perfect ideas about the project, its type and its actual site on GPS enable maps. These apps enable to civil engineers to upload construction pics along with issues which they face during the site visit in real time. Thus, office staff will come up with instant solutions and relevant drawings without any delay. According to me big construction companies cannot invest huge amount for hiring staff and civil engineers. They can regulate their work with the help of apps in bigger screen of iPad by getting instant real time updates.

How iPad app developers can help marketing

However iPad app developers make apps which are capable to give information to the companies in the form of real time updates. Expert iPad app developers can also bring a transparency in real market too. If iPad app developers can put a button on the website that allows property owner to signup their account, they can see live updates of their property with their tracking ID. Even potential buyers can see the progress of construction of each site and establish a trust on the claims of property seller. Hence, If you can hire iPad app developers for your customized apps then you are able to give better experience to your customers. Through your app they are able to see photos of their homes and offices in real time process each morning.



Let’s see how much rumor’s meet to the original releases on Apple’s event


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apple outside officeApple the leading provider of mobile technology release their tons of new stuff in Apple event which was held on 22nd oct in San Francisco. Apple inc manage their all information in 90 mintute’s event, the new stuff include are iPad Air, iPad mini with retina display and  improved mac book etc. In this article we collect information from different resources and put it together for easy to read

Fifth generation of iPad (iPad Air)

The fifth generation of iPad rumors moreover meets the original releases on Apple event. The name of the iPad5 is iPad Air and the reason behind giving name was its light weight & smaller than the fourth version of iPad series. If we compare between iPad4 and iPad Air then fifth generation of iPad comes with 7.5mm thick , 20% thinner with respect to iPad4 ,weight just around one pound, powered by 64- bit A7 chip set and the same processor are used in iPhone5S.The company also claims that its graphics are twice good as last iPad, like iPhone5S its has new M7 motion coprocessor. It have 802.11a/b/g/n, 5 megapixel rear camera quality and a better face HD quality with front camera quality. The company also says the battery backup of this device is 10 hours. The starting price of this iPad is $499 with 16GB WiFi mode only and 16GB LTE model selling for $629 and will go on sale on 1st Nov.

Retina display iPad mini

In addition of event Apple also introduced its new product iPad mini with retina display technique which starting range is $399.The resolution of iPad mini is  2,048 x 1,536 as same as iPad Air and7.9 inch screen display. The retina display iPad mini also powered by 64-bit A7 chip set which was also same as the previous release of iPhone5S. All the features of iPad mini are same as it available in iPhone5S which means Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and camera support as well as the new M7 coprocessor.  Apple also gives some notification about that iPad mini will go on sale in November & the starting price is $399 for a 16 GB tablet and will continue with the price of non retina iPad mini $299.

Stuff in new mac

Mac pro

In the series of some stuff we also seen in new Mac book pro with retina display features, the new Mac pro with bunch of elements to iLife, iWork for maverick and iOS7. Apple also give a biggest shock that it is available free for Mac users, which can easily download and upgrade from the Mac store. On the other hand if we talk about the hardware side of Mac book pro with retina display then it comes along with new features with lowered price. The 13 inch model start now $1299 which is less than last year price and the 15 inch model now start at $1999 its last year price is $2199. The new machine also thinner than older machine, supportable for thunderbolt2 and Intel best integrated graphics. The long awaited update for Mac book pro is shifted to December.

What to expect on 22nd oct in Apple’s event ?


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Apple's eventApple the world leading mobile technology provider announced their next event date that will be  held on 22 October 2013. After the release date announcement,rumors are floating all around the market.It is expected that the event will reviled to the features of a fifth generation iPad, iPad mini2, advantages of new haswell powered retina Macbook with better battery life etc. Basically the event will take a place in San Fransisco, Apple also display a image with invitation that leaves a tag line”WE STILL HAVE A LOT TO COVER” which gives a simple notification that we have variety of things. Here we are discuss about Apple product that may be uncovered by Apple inc.

Fifth Generation of iPad

If we talk about the fifth version of iPad then rumors suggest that next version of Apple tablet would be thinner and light in weight as we compared it with previous version. The rumors also suggest that iPad5 come along with improved front and rear camera quality. In the term of cost the new iPad expected to come along with same price tag as it previous launches. That would put a 16GB memory iPad5 come along $499 price tag.

iPad Mini2

The rumors also floating around that iPad mini2 come along with retina display technique which already exist with full size iPad displays. However many report’s will also say’s that Apple will not able to provide retina display’s in mini iPad2 before Christmas due to production issues. Many market expert also said that iPad mini2 available in range of bright colors as we see in iPhone5c  which was launched by Apple in previous month.

Security system

Finger print security system also take a place in rumors tag line that will iPad come along with finger print security system or not. The company introduced a latest finger print technology along with iPhone5S  which will be launched in September. Commentators also said that this technology expected come along with fifth version of iPad devices.

Improved Mac book pro

In the recent update of Apple inc include its MAC book air with the latest intell Haswell chip in which the company promised that it gives all day battery life. The event is also expected to see that Macbook pro come along with retina screen and improved battery life.

New Mac pro

In world wide developers conference Apple’s also uncovered that the new Mac pro expected to come during June, but the date of new Mac pro would not set yet. That could also be come on this event.

OS X Mavericks

X mavericks is a new operating system for Mac that is expected to come in any day, the new Mac OS come along with memory management and process handling which can help to extend the battery life of laptops. Technical experts also warned that there would also be some technical problem as with any new operating system, so updates are likely to follow soon after the launch.

Get ready to use Microsoft office in iPad devices


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????????The fist office suite was introduced by Microsoft on 1st Aug 1989 specially for desktop applications. Initially first version of office suite contained word, excel, and power point. After  some year later to see the usability of office suite the company decided to upgrade its functions such as OLE data integration, spell checker or scripting languages etc. Office is used now billions of people in the world wide.

Now in the recent time Microsoft office is integrate their services for mobile platform core application including word, power-point, excel as a part of downloadable or already installed office suite . These all the functions of Microsoft office suite comfortable for all major mobile operating system like windows, Android, Symbian, iOS etc. But office is still not comfortable for iPad devices the users of this device not enjoy all the functions of office suite.

Microsoft CEO steve ballmer give signals at Gartner event in Florida that Microsoft office for iPad is on the way. The iPad version of Microsoft is already easily available for iPhone devices, this is the first time that company has mentioned that they developed for Apple iPad devices. Ballmer’s comments also suggest that it seems that Microsoft is plotting to bring touch screen friendly office apps to its own windows 8 operating system first.

Microsoft office developers for iPad device work is in progress for the touch first user interface. If we talk about the previous version of office suite for iPhone devices then it doesn’t carry the full features to set the main office app and also doesn’t give a support to the Apple iPad devices. There are several versions available of office suite for smartphone users such as Google’s quick office and Apple iWork.

The Morgan Stanely researcher firm also said that earlier this year that the Microsoft firm has missed about billions of dollars by not releasing office for iPad devices. The firm also said that if office is launched for iPad device then it could be a several dollar opportunity to the firm.While the full version of registered office suite may easily available for mobile devices but the company CEO think that there is more upside of Microsoft office on iPad devices.

Qi li the executive vice president of Microsoft new application and services also give a hint that more touch office iPad apps are likely to coming for non office Microsoft platforms. The vice president also said that we will bring these for windows devices and also for another devices in the ways that meets customers need and value & make a economically sense for Microsoft.

Now secure your private data and files with Lockbox iPad apps


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In general way, we can say that Lockbox is like a post office box that only accessible by banks. Many companies were using lockbox services for receving client payments, the company customer sends their payment in special post box and after collecting these checks or payments by authorized bank directly deposited in company account. The another name of Lockbox is “remaittance processing” that gives number of benefits to the customers such as payments posting,bank deposit preparation, potential for theft, fraud and error. In simple words  lockbox services make all these process on customers finger tips.

Today in this tech-world every one gets addicted for accessing the iPad app development services. In this way Lockbox apps is launched  that are compatible for Apple iPad or iPhone devices. The big screen of iPad devices makes more comfortable to the user for private and secure and file viewing. Now the extended features of Lockbox apps will allow customers to view their private files in more secure way via Apple iPad or iPhone devices. This application provide their services in several industries as like  including internet banking, finance services, legal and accounting. According to me banking industries shift itself towards mobile industry and now need for absolute privacy and security and Lockbox has fullfil all the demands of banking industry.

The Lockbox iPad apps will continues the commitment of security and privacy that is sologon of this application delivering a secure file sharing to the customers. With the using of Lockbox iPad app services customers access a full control in data sharing. This important step of Lockbox app gives more benefits to the users who want to send or receive files in a secure way. The main benift using of this app users can access their data and files from anywhere and anytime.

Peter Long, CEO of Lockbox said that “we are thrilled to release Lockbox application in Apple app store which is the first step ongoing process to make file sharing products secure” yet simple and good. Businesses that in the past have stayed away from downloading sensitive data to their mobile devices can now share documents knowing that they can retain control of their data.”

 With the releasing of Lockbox client portal in US market in may 2013, Lockbox entered a secure file sharing platform with end to end encryption. The Lockbox iPad or iPhone apps also offer the same level security to the clients but authorized users use this service to the secure file sharing.

iPad web browser, opera “coast” treat websites as an application


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coastThe world’s most successful web browser for mobile phones is launches its new web browser that fits for iPad screen. The opera gives this browser name as opera “coast” which is more comfortable in iPad screen and was arrived on the app store in 9th sept 2013. If we talk about the interface of this browser then there is no forward button and back word buttons available on that browser or address bar or bookmarks or tabs or home button or even other things that you might assume unusually imaginative couldn’t live without it.

That’s because the opera coast in iPad is treated websites as like mobile applications, If we talk about the site icons in that browser then it is arranged as like your iPad home screen. Even you can rearrange your site icons as you want by pressing and holding them. When you tap an icon the opera coast shows a splash screen briefly while it’s loading the page. Sites are displayed nearly in full screen mode, you can easily forward and back word according to your requirement. Opera”coast” shows its interface as like upcoming iOS7 , instead  opening up images into tab you can easily swipe through your finger according to your requirements.

opera coastThere are some few features also available in opera coast as like buit in search suggest sites as you type and you are able to find the related sites to Google for results. And if you attempt to visit a site then opera coast think that it is dangerous, the browser issues a warning to the users and need you to reconsider. The browser features of opera coast is primarily gesture based interface with minimal application chrome. A small “home” button enables the user to return the desktop that will shows data of a most visited sites and most recent button that displays the user recent browsing history. If you want to navigate forward or back word then swipe it appropriate direction. Opera coast also give a facility to iPad users that they can pin there most visited sites as an icon.

The focus of new opera browser was to utilized the entire iPad screen to display pages and despite the lack of address bar. Opera also claims the users that, cannot miss the warnings when users opens the sites that set off sites reputation alarm.

According to the opera “coast” are designed to give a good experience for the user in the form of  highly effective, secure and visually compelling and textile. Coast mark an improvement for entire browsing on iPad devices  by making a site workable on tablet environment.

Say No to jailbreaking for installation whats app on iPad devices


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whats app on iPadWhats app is a leading text message service provider company provides text message services in various smartphone devices. As the popularity of text messaging on smartphone devices continues increase around the world. Cross platform tools makes it easy to integrate with major mobile operating system like iOS, Android, Windows and other operating system. According to ipad app users one thing is that whats app gets continue disappointed that this app is not comfortable in iPad devices except the iPhone. After the download and activation of whats app , user face a ugly error in an iPad device. Here we are going to dicuss the installation process of whats app on iPad without jailbreak.
There is a way in which whats app become fully functionality on iPad or iPod devices, these best thing is that there is no jailbreak required for installing this app into an touch devices. For that simply you need a computer and iPhone device for the activation part of set up.

Steps for installing whats apps on iPad device:

1: First step include open app store into your computer and download whats app, but keep in mind file format whats apps support .iPa file for iPad or iPod.

2. Nevigate the media folder which can support to your operating system.

3. write the file name whats app from the above folder and copy it to your desktop.

4. After copy folder into desktop download ifunbox from and connect your iPad to the computer & open ifunbox.

5. click ifunbox and then select install app and now select the whats app file which you copied into the desktop

6. once ifunbox shows a successful message then disconnect your iPad device and don’t open application until the activation is not getting completed. This method will help to successful installation whats app in your iPad but the application won’t work. It will show an error message with sorry your device is currently not supported. To install this application successful into iPad device you need to follow steps as below.

Now we are going to actual steps for how to activate a whats app into your iPad device without jail- breaking. Usually if you try to open whats apps in other iOS device except iPhone then you see a silly quite error message. I hope that the method below will help to remove the error problem and provide a way of successful activation. Before you start these steps into iPad you need to iPhone device and ensures about that whats app is not opened after you have installed it on iPad device.

1.Now the actual method of installation what app into you device get start here, If you follow above method for installation then you have already installed ifunbox on your computer otherwise install it .

2. After installation you need an iPhone device, if your device already installed whats app then uninstall it and again install whats app into your iPhone device and active it with the using of your mobile number that you will be using on your iPad device.

3. After this process connect the iPhone with your computer and open the ifunbox and select the ifunbox classic and user applications under the iPhone. From the list of application select the whats app with both documents and library folder now click on copy to the pc and save it to the desktop.

4. Disconnect the iPhone and connect your iPad to the computer and now copy whats app documents and library files into your desktop and paste into the desktop folder. Once the successfully upload then whats app ready to use on your iPad. Now if you get the error again then uninstall the application and try again step3.

Get easiest way of remote access to pc or mac apps with parallel access iPad apps


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parallels access iPad apps

Parallels Inc is a privately held visualization technology company now get success for remote accessing to Mac and PC apps. The company services enable Mac users to virtually run multiple operating system without create partitions, now launched new apps called “parallel access iPad app” that give a excellent way for access MAC and PC computer apps as like iPad apps.

Parallels access iPad app enables user for desktop apps to run on the Apple iPad devices, that gives a excellent way to removing a pain of your finger it occurs when pressing a small button which are specially designed to be used with the mouse pointer. The company says that the use of  parallel access iPad app give a good user experience with tapping, switching, scrolling and pinching computer and MAC app. With the use of parallel iPad app user interact with desktop app same like as a iPad apps

The use of this application is simple firstly user need to download a client on their machines and sign in with their parallel credentials. After installing a parallels access iPad app into an app store on their device and sign in with their same parallel credential into an iPad for remote accessing of windows and Mac apps. The working of these apps is same as a iPad apps.

After these process user will be able to see their windows pc or Mac app on a launch pad which work same as like as iPad app, these apps are touch able and customizable etc. These apps only support full screen mode which make a sense as the button and tool bars that takes a extra space. It also offers a app switcher located at the right side that enables user to switch between open apps with just a tap.

Parallel access ipad app support Apple iOS style copy, paste, select, drag and allows copy paste between desktop and iPad apps. It also provide iOS magnifying glass for zooming in and selecting text. The app also include complete desktop keyboard with function key and windows key.

The company claims that service work well in low bandwidth connections and give a better user experience. It give also a 14 days free trail version user can easily sign up and frequently use its desktop application into an iPad device. To frequently use this service via app user need to be turn on the computer and always connected to the parallel servers .


The cost of using this service around $80 per year for per windows pc or MAC.

Now develop native iPad apps with xamarin 2.0


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ImageThis is a good news for experts of C# that now they can take the skills of visual studio development and getting started with iPad application development using with xamarin2.0. This platform is best supportive for native iPad applications, and  you can also use more than 90 percent same code which is efficient in cross platform technology.

Xamarin 2.0 gives many facility for the iPad app developers that includes with xamarin studio, various type of iPad plugin’s and component store that is very useful for native iPad app developers where they can easily buy or sell code for a little extra code or faster development. Working with xamarin developers can also easily get .Net run time and MAC plugins which gives a easy way to in more complicated native iPad application development specially for c# developers that match performance and uger interface of apps created with objective C or JAVA.

The prebuild component of Xamarin IDE give a excellent facility to iPad developers for developing a fast apps without compromising the quality of code. Basically component list include all type of mobile services iPad push notifications and other notifications etc. Furthermore since xamarin integrate with visual studio now iPad developers can take a advantages of various features of Microsoft ecosystem including TFS and plugins such as reshaper.

The easy use of c# skills in mobile app development give a excellent opportunity to web developers that easily move towards iPad app development sector. Today many companies like mobilepundits use xamarin  2.0 tool for creating mobile applications since this tool provide many functions and the choice of xamarin makes apps work as good as native iPad apps created with objective c. Xamarin is a developers first choice to make development more affordable. According to me xamarin is a different approach that help many sectors to provide their mobile strategy towards the niche customers.

Advantages of Xamarin2.0

  • Facility of code auto compilation .
  • Use you type iOS API as c# class libraries.
  • Inbuilt component and subversion control, plus third party tool support.
  • Provides quick code look up methods.
  • Easily integrate with Xcode interface builder so you can design iOS apps with apple interface tools.
  • Live on device.
  • Easy to packaging and distribution of internal apps.

Android tablet still won’t match to iPad app section


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iPad appsThe world leading technology provider Google has convinced developers that their Android app section still needs to improve and need to look beautiful on larger tablet display. Android continuously launches many product in the field of the tablet market with every upcoming product of Android, i was hoping that the situation would have greatly improved with the upcoming of Google second generation nexus tablets.

But after some comparative research between the Apple iPad app store and Google Android app store it is clear that Android’s is still more behind the iPad and need to more improvement to look beautiful with respect to iPad apps. Here we display comparison of paid app where not optimized denotes that Android is blow up smartphone apps.

Apps iPad On Android tablet Comparable apps
Pages $9.99 no Office suite pro
Words with friends $1.99 Not optimized for 7 inch tablet
iMovie $4.99 no no
iPhoto $4.99 no Photo editor by aviary (free)
Keynode $9.99 no Office suite pro
Garage band $4.99 no no
Notability $4.99 no Lecture notes

Here  in the list we compare most popular iPad apps and most look just fine on an Android tablet but not look good on goolge 7 inches like nexus 7. This list dosen’t contain that Android is a weaker gaming platform than iOS. Games trend shows up Android or not at all, so you are missing some of games like knights of old republic,limbo, infinity blade etc.

Both Garage band and iMovie are excellent that help to justify the iPad apps as more than consumption device and noting that anyone comes closer to Android but Google should take a lead and make some killer app like these.

Now let look at free apps

iPad On the tablet? Comparable apps?
Facebook Not optimized
Pandora radio Not optimized
Words with friends free Not optimized for 7 inch tablet
CNN Not optimized
Drop box Not optimized
Twitter Not optimized
Watch ABC Some what optimized

Many of the most popular apps are not supported for Android iPad because these apps aren’t designed to take a full advantage as like iPad apps. Some apps that able to claim to be tablet friendly are just barley son on Android. Facebook Pandora radio, drop box,CNN, twitter are the worst apps that stretching out their interfaces instead of filling the screen with sidebars and menus.

The good news for Android lovers is that tablet app situation may improve soon because Google convince the developers. Google designers now going to improve the view apps apps specially for its tablet, and in the developers conference Google update with new tools for helping to developers that how their app looks in different screen size tablets. You are able to find some great apps in the Google Android market but you still count on Tim cook to flaunt Apple advantages when next time he announces his new tablet.