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ImageThis is a good news for experts of C# that now they can take the skills of visual studio development and getting started with iPad application development using with xamarin2.0. This platform is best supportive for native iPad applications, and  you can also use more than 90 percent same code which is efficient in cross platform technology.

Xamarin 2.0 gives many facility for the iPad app developers that includes with xamarin studio, various type of iPad plugin’s and component store that is very useful for native iPad app developers where they can easily buy or sell code for a little extra code or faster development. Working with xamarin developers can also easily get .Net run time and MAC plugins which gives a easy way to in more complicated native iPad application development specially for c# developers that match performance and uger interface of apps created with objective C or JAVA.

The prebuild component of Xamarin IDE give a excellent facility to iPad developers for developing a fast apps without compromising the quality of code. Basically component list include all type of mobile services iPad push notifications and other notifications etc. Furthermore since xamarin integrate with visual studio now iPad developers can take a advantages of various features of Microsoft ecosystem including TFS and plugins such as reshaper.

The easy use of c# skills in mobile app development give a excellent opportunity to web developers that easily move towards iPad app development sector. Today many companies like mobilepundits use xamarin  2.0 tool for creating mobile applications since this tool provide many functions and the choice of xamarin makes apps work as good as native iPad apps created with objective c. Xamarin is a developers first choice to make development more affordable. According to me xamarin is a different approach that help many sectors to provide their mobile strategy towards the niche customers.

Advantages of Xamarin2.0

  • Facility of code auto compilation .
  • Use you type iOS API as c# class libraries.
  • Inbuilt component and subversion control, plus third party tool support.
  • Provides quick code look up methods.
  • Easily integrate with Xcode interface builder so you can design iOS apps with apple interface tools.
  • Live on device.
  • Easy to packaging and distribution of internal apps.