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iPad appsThe world leading technology provider Google has convinced developers that their Android app section still needs to improve and need to look beautiful on larger tablet display. Android continuously launches many product in the field of the tablet market with every upcoming product of Android, i was hoping that the situation would have greatly improved with the upcoming of Google second generation nexus tablets.

But after some comparative research between the Apple iPad app store and Google Android app store it is clear that Android’s is still more behind the iPad and need to more improvement to look beautiful with respect to iPad apps. Here we display comparison of paid app where not optimized denotes that Android is blow up smartphone apps.

Apps iPad On Android tablet Comparable apps
Pages $9.99 no Office suite pro
Words with friends $1.99 Not optimized for 7 inch tablet
iMovie $4.99 no no
iPhoto $4.99 no Photo editor by aviary (free)
Keynode $9.99 no Office suite pro
Garage band $4.99 no no
Notability $4.99 no Lecture notes

Here  in the list we compare most popular iPad apps and most look just fine on an Android tablet but not look good on goolge 7 inches like nexus 7. This list dosen’t contain that Android is a weaker gaming platform than iOS. Games trend shows up Android or not at all, so you are missing some of games like knights of old republic,limbo, infinity blade etc.

Both Garage band and iMovie are excellent that help to justify the iPad apps as more than consumption device and noting that anyone comes closer to Android but Google should take a lead and make some killer app like these.

Now let look at free apps

iPad On the tablet? Comparable apps?
Facebook Not optimized
Pandora radio Not optimized
Words with friends free Not optimized for 7 inch tablet
CNN Not optimized
Drop box Not optimized
Twitter Not optimized
Watch ABC Some what optimized

Many of the most popular apps are not supported for Android iPad because these apps aren’t designed to take a full advantage as like iPad apps. Some apps that able to claim to be tablet friendly are just barley son on Android. Facebook Pandora radio, drop box,CNN, twitter are the worst apps that stretching out their interfaces instead of filling the screen with sidebars and menus.

The good news for Android lovers is that tablet app situation may improve soon because Google convince the developers. Google designers now going to improve the view apps apps specially for its tablet, and in the developers conference Google update with new tools for helping to developers that how their app looks in different screen size tablets. You are able to find some great apps in the Google Android market but you still count on Tim cook to flaunt Apple advantages when next time he announces his new tablet.