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whats app on iPadWhats app is a leading text message service provider company provides text message services in various smartphone devices. As the popularity of text messaging on smartphone devices continues increase around the world. Cross platform tools makes it easy to integrate with major mobile operating system like iOS, Android, Windows and other operating system. According to ipad app users one thing is that whats app gets continue disappointed that this app is not comfortable in iPad devices except the iPhone. After the download and activation of whats app , user face a ugly error in an iPad device. Here we are going to dicuss the installation process of whats app on iPad without jailbreak.
There is a way in which whats app become fully functionality on iPad or iPod devices, these best thing is that there is no jailbreak required for installing this app into an touch devices. For that simply you need a computer and iPhone device for the activation part of set up.

Steps for installing whats apps on iPad device:

1: First step include open app store into your computer and download whats app, but keep in mind file format whats apps support .iPa file for iPad or iPod.

2. Nevigate the media folder which can support to your operating system.

3. write the file name whats app from the above folder and copy it to your desktop.

4. After copy folder into desktop download ifunbox from ifunbox.com and connect your iPad to the computer & open ifunbox.

5. click ifunbox and then select install app and now select the whats app file which you copied into the desktop

6. once ifunbox shows a successful message then disconnect your iPad device and don’t open application until the activation is not getting completed. This method will help to successful installation whats app in your iPad but the application won’t work. It will show an error message with sorry your device is currently not supported. To install this application successful into iPad device you need to follow steps as below.

Now we are going to actual steps for how to activate a whats app into your iPad device without jail- breaking. Usually if you try to open whats apps in other iOS device except iPhone then you see a silly quite error message. I hope that the method below will help to remove the error problem and provide a way of successful activation. Before you start these steps into iPad you need to iPhone device and ensures about that whats app is not opened after you have installed it on iPad device.

1.Now the actual method of installation what app into you device get start here, If you follow above method for installation then you have already installed ifunbox on your computer otherwise install it .

2. After installation you need an iPhone device, if your device already installed whats app then uninstall it and again install whats app into your iPhone device and active it with the using of your mobile number that you will be using on your iPad device.

3. After this process connect the iPhone with your computer and open the ifunbox and select the ifunbox classic and user applications under the iPhone. From the list of application select the whats app with both documents and library folder now click on copy to the pc and save it to the desktop.

4. Disconnect the iPhone and connect your iPad to the computer and now copy whats app documents and library files into your desktop and paste into the desktop folder. Once the successfully upload then whats app ready to use on your iPad. Now if you get the error again then uninstall the application and try again step3.