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????????The fist office suite was introduced by Microsoft on 1st Aug 1989 specially for desktop applications. Initially first version of office suite contained word, excel, and power point. After  some year later to see the usability of office suite the company decided to upgrade its functions such as OLE data integration, spell checker or scripting languages etc. Office is used now billions of people in the world wide.

Now in the recent time Microsoft office is integrate their services for mobile platform core application including word, power-point, excel as a part of downloadable or already installed office suite . These all the functions of Microsoft office suite comfortable for all major mobile operating system like windows, Android, Symbian, iOS etc. But office is still not comfortable for iPad devices the users of this device not enjoy all the functions of office suite.

Microsoft CEO steve ballmer give signals at Gartner event in Florida that Microsoft office for iPad is on the way. The iPad version of Microsoft is already easily available for iPhone devices, this is the first time that company has mentioned that they developed for Apple iPad devices. Ballmer’s comments also suggest that it seems that Microsoft is plotting to bring touch screen friendly office apps to its own windows 8 operating system first.

Microsoft office developers for iPad device work is in progress for the touch first user interface. If we talk about the previous version of office suite for iPhone devices then it doesn’t carry the full features to set the main office app and also doesn’t give a support to the Apple iPad devices. There are several versions available of office suite for smartphone users such as Google’s quick office and Apple iWork.

The Morgan Stanely researcher firm also said that earlier this year that the Microsoft firm has missed about billions of dollars by not releasing office for iPad devices. The firm also said that if office is launched for iPad device then it could be a several dollar opportunity to the firm.While the full version of registered office suite may easily available for mobile devices but the company CEO think that there is more upside of Microsoft office on iPad devices.

Qi li the executive vice president of Microsoft new application and services also give a hint that more touch office iPad apps are likely to coming for non office Microsoft platforms. The vice president also said that we will bring these for windows devices and also for another devices in the ways that meets customers need and value & make a economically sense for Microsoft.