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In general way, we can say that Lockbox is like a post office box that only accessible by banks. Many companies were using lockbox services for receving client payments, the company customer sends their payment in special post box and after collecting these checks or payments by authorized bank directly deposited in company account. The another name of Lockbox is “remaittance processing” that gives number of benefits to the customers such as payments posting,bank deposit preparation, potential for theft, fraud and error. In simple words  lockbox services make all these process on customers finger tips.

Today in this tech-world every one gets addicted for accessing the iPad app development services. In this way Lockbox apps is launched  that are compatible for Apple iPad or iPhone devices. The big screen of iPad devices makes more comfortable to the user for private and secure and file viewing. Now the extended features of Lockbox apps will allow customers to view their private files in more secure way via Apple iPad or iPhone devices. This application provide their services in several industries as like  including internet banking, finance services, legal and accounting. According to me banking industries shift itself towards mobile industry and now need for absolute privacy and security and Lockbox has fullfil all the demands of banking industry.

The Lockbox iPad apps will continues the commitment of security and privacy that is sologon of this application delivering a secure file sharing to the customers. With the using of Lockbox iPad app services customers access a full control in data sharing. This important step of Lockbox app gives more benefits to the users who want to send or receive files in a secure way. The main benift using of this app users can access their data and files from anywhere and anytime.

Peter Long, CEO of Lockbox said that “we are thrilled to release Lockbox application in Apple app store which is the first step ongoing process to make file sharing products secure” yet simple and good. Businesses that in the past have stayed away from downloading sensitive data to their mobile devices can now share documents knowing that they can retain control of their data.”

 With the releasing of Lockbox client portal in US market in may 2013, Lockbox entered a secure file sharing platform with end to end encryption. The Lockbox iPad or iPhone apps also offer the same level security to the clients but authorized users use this service to the secure file sharing.