iPad Apps that makes investment more easy with instant updates


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The size of the world stock market was estimated at about few trillion dollar at the beginning of October 2008. Now the total world derivatives market has been estimated about many trillion dollar of face value. Today stock market capture a big part of investment, With the increasing popularity of  iPad devices every one want a decent apps for iPad from which they can get instant updates of share market. Here we are going to best iPad stock market apps which are able to provide instant stock market quotes in your iPad devices.

CNBC real time ipad app

CNBC is a real time based app for iPad touch devices offers a instant real time based quotes for investors before and during after the share market hours direct from NASDAQ and NYSE. CNBC real time and historical chart also offering custom time frames from one day to five year with including pre and post trading.


Daily Stock

Daily stock based on new technology and advanced iPad stock market analysis tool that filters stock market and mark up those stock which showing the great potential for profit. This is only the apps that provide more than 100 technical scans for share market and delivers your option in the list of stock for further analysis.


Bloom berg for iPad

Bloom berg offers instant access to all of your business, news, market data and portfolio tracking tool from the most trusted financial professionals from around the world. This app includes latest features for the iPad users such as latest market around 35 category including economy, technology, market funds, insurance, and municipal bonds etc.


Stock watch for iPad

According to me this is the most reviewed and complete stock tracking app for iPad on Apple app store. Stock app is perfect app for investors which offers a great watching for their favourite stocks, watch portfolios and holdings and much more With a wide screen and good user interface in iPad you make your investment more easy.



Google map update comes later for iPad


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The world’s leading technology provider Google has now rolled out some new official updates for the Google map apps for various smartphones. This news is good for Android users but bad for iPhone and iPad users because iPad users wait some time for use this update.

iPad app development

According to the Google the new app updates build on the design released for the iPad devices will later in December, and brings some changes to offline and my maps.

Google map updates is well designed for iPad which allow iPad application user to visually browse and  find new places without typing. All iPad users do this in a simple way with a tap in the search box and access card showing the iPad users best places to visit, restaurant to eat, bars to drink, hotels to sleep and shop for shopping etc. Basically the Google new app will designed to solve the traffic problem while you are on traveling. This app features enhanced navigation showing such as current traffic, conditions and new features to navigate around the traffic.

Those new features include problem report to the users along road with incident details and instant solve it with alert users of the better route is available along with faster rerouting. These alter and reroute features is available for Android users only.

Zagat ratings and offers are also now integrated into search results on Google maps offers that national brands will be labeled right on your maps.

With the retirement of latitude users can still see friends and family on the map via adding current location sharing and check ins to Google +. If we talk about offline maps then no longer features are available but maps can still view while the users are online while using OK map query in the search box.

Source: Google blog

Comparision between iOS6 and iOS7 for iPad developers



ImageiOS 6 is a major operating system released by Apple inc which was announced at world wide developers conference and was released on 19 September 2012. The  iOS7 was released on 10 June 2013 by Apple inc as a successor of  iOS 6. The seventh generation of  Apple operating system brings significant user interface for all Apple devices. Here we are going to discuss slide by slide comparison between between sixth and seventh generation Apple mobile operating system. So we rounded up few comparison between home screen, common apps and app interfaces like Notifications, multitasking, Message center, E-mail, Siri, weather and also large image showing difference between icons in both versions.

Home screen comparison:

The view of seventh generation operating system leave behind the fair amount of criticism, most of which seems in home screen. Whether if we can see the icons, the lack of shadows behind the icons and text which not just a simple blurred bar at the bottom of the screen. The most interesting aspect that i have noticed about iOS 6 gives a cartoonish home screen view. Screen shot of both operating system shows the exact comparison.


Common apps for both:

If we talk about the apps that support on both operating system, the focus for simplification, modernization, and refinement it works good.

Notification center:

Notification center in iOS 6 and after when the iOS 7 was released.


Message center:

Remove all the bubbles now iOS 7 message center is quite different in look wise.



Apple make a design of of iOS7 just simplification both in mail box and composition.



Every Icon of iOS6 and iOS7 looks different


Comparing between user interface element:

iOS7 user interface element have also changed with respect of iOS6


This comparison between Apple sixth generation operating and seventh generation operating system shows that view of  iOS7 seems to be change with respect to iOS6.

Tools that make iPad apps design simple


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In the present era the increasing demand of iPad in different sector plays an important role to give the high profit for any business. If we talk about iPad gaming apps then these designing tools give more successful way for developers to attract people. The design of iPad app is an important part of development that is necessary for every successful iPad application. For both developers and non developers the app store provides a section on designing tools for the iPad and each tool plays a unique role to make a success. The expert developers of outsource iPad app development company have an Apple account where they can choose a unique iPad app designing tool for making iPad a simple and more attractive.
UI Sketcher:
UI sketcher offers to outsource iPad app development for rapidly sketch, refine and share user interface ideas. Using 6 sketch facility designers achieve better and faster solution to UI and UX problems. Designers can start with 6- sketch templates for exploring their multiple ideas. Variety of pens gives unparalleled user experience to the developers this variety of pen help to relocate sketching environment.

Mocking pad:
These designing tools provide outsource iPad app developer for creating easy and a quick sketch of iPad app ideas. Low fidelity sketch can help designer focusing on what’s really important in the early stages of iPad application development. This tool provides a great facility for the collaborating of your app design with face to face meeting designer can easily pass their app design to the client. If you are in WI- Fi network then mocking pad will allow the app for viewing in the browser.

According to many outsource iPad application developers this designing tool can be perfect for the iPad applications. The working of this tool is totally different with respect to mocking pad, the pixel perfect alignment facility of each element will help developers to create robust iPad app for the clients. This tool is more useful for developing a high level of story board of your application. The comprehensive view of this tool helps to see the entire navigation of your application. If you are working in outsource iPad app Development Company and unknown about this designing tool and what a way to quickly piece together a story board of exactly how you want the application to work, and then this is the choice for you.


The functionality of every iPad app designing tool is different to other, According to me if you want to initial idea about the designing of iPad app then UI sketcher is the best option. Many experts outsource app developers using the blueprint designing tool because this tool gives the potential to customize a lot of time for the developers.