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parallels access iPad apps

Parallels Inc is a privately held visualization technology company now get success for remote accessing to Mac and PC apps. The company services enable Mac users to virtually run multiple operating system without create partitions, now launched new apps called “parallel access iPad app” that give a excellent way for access MAC and PC computer apps as like iPad apps.

Parallels access iPad app enables user for desktop apps to run on the Apple iPad devices, that gives a excellent way to removing a pain of your finger it occurs when pressing a small button which are specially designed to be used with the mouse pointer. The company says that the use of  parallel access iPad app give a good user experience with tapping, switching, scrolling and pinching computer and MAC app. With the use of parallel iPad app user interact with desktop app same like as a iPad apps

The use of this application is simple firstly user need to download a client on their machines and sign in with their parallel credentials. After installing a parallels access iPad app into an app store on their device and sign in with their same parallel credential into an iPad for remote accessing of windows and Mac apps. The working of these apps is same as a iPad apps.

After these process user will be able to see their windows pc or Mac app on a launch pad which work same as like as iPad app, these apps are touch able and customizable etc. These apps only support full screen mode which make a sense as the button and tool bars that takes a extra space. It also offers a app switcher located at the right side that enables user to switch between open apps with just a tap.

Parallel access ipad app support Apple iOS style copy, paste, select, drag and allows copy paste between desktop and iPad apps. It also provide iOS magnifying glass for zooming in and selecting text. The app also include complete desktop keyboard with function key and windows key.

The company claims that service work well in low bandwidth connections and give a better user experience. It give also a 14 days free trail version user can easily sign up and frequently use its desktop application into an iPad device. To frequently use this service via app user need to be turn on the computer and always connected to the parallel servers .


The cost of using this service around $80 per year for per windows pc or MAC.