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coastThe world’s most successful web browser for mobile phones is launches its new web browser that fits for iPad screen. The opera gives this browser name as opera “coast” which is more comfortable in iPad screen and was arrived on the app store in 9th sept 2013. If we talk about the interface of this browser then there is no forward button and back word buttons available on that browser or address bar or bookmarks or tabs or home button or even other things that you might assume unusually imaginative couldn’t live without it.

That’s because the opera coast in iPad is treated websites as like mobile applications, If we talk about the site icons in that browser then it is arranged as like your iPad home screen. Even you can rearrange your site icons as you want by pressing and holding them. When you tap an icon the opera coast shows a splash screen briefly while it’s loading the page. Sites are displayed nearly in full screen mode, you can easily forward and back word according to your requirement. Opera”coast” shows its interface as like upcoming iOS7 , instead  opening up images into tab you can easily swipe through your finger according to your requirements.

opera coastThere are some few features also available in opera coast as like buit in search suggest sites as you type and you are able to find the related sites to Google for results. And if you attempt to visit a site then opera coast think that it is dangerous, the browser issues a warning to the users and need you to reconsider. The browser features of opera coast is primarily gesture based interface with minimal application chrome. A small “home” button enables the user to return the desktop that will shows data of a most visited sites and most recent button that displays the user recent browsing history. If you want to navigate forward or back word then swipe it appropriate direction. Opera coast also give a facility to iPad users that they can pin there most visited sites as an icon.

The focus of new opera browser was to utilized the entire iPad screen to display pages and despite the lack of address bar. Opera also claims the users that, cannot miss the warnings when users opens the sites that set off sites reputation alarm.

According to the opera “coast” are designed to give a good experience for the user in the form of  highly effective, secure and visually compelling and textile. Coast mark an improvement for entire browsing on iPad devices  by making a site workable on tablet environment.