ImageiOS 6 is a major operating system released by Apple inc which was announced at world wide developers conference and was released on 19 September 2012. The  iOS7 was released on 10 June 2013 by Apple inc as a successor of  iOS 6. The seventh generation of  Apple operating system brings significant user interface for all Apple devices. Here we are going to discuss slide by slide comparison between between sixth and seventh generation Apple mobile operating system. So we rounded up few comparison between home screen, common apps and app interfaces like Notifications, multitasking, Message center, E-mail, Siri, weather and also large image showing difference between icons in both versions.

Home screen comparison:

The view of seventh generation operating system leave behind the fair amount of criticism, most of which seems in home screen. Whether if we can see the icons, the lack of shadows behind the icons and text which not just a simple blurred bar at the bottom of the screen. The most interesting aspect that i have noticed about iOS 6 gives a cartoonish home screen view. Screen shot of both operating system shows the exact comparison.


Common apps for both:

If we talk about the apps that support on both operating system, the focus for simplification, modernization, and refinement it works good.

Notification center:

Notification center in iOS 6 and after when the iOS 7 was released.


Message center:

Remove all the bubbles now iOS 7 message center is quite different in look wise.



Apple make a design of of iOS7 just simplification both in mail box and composition.



Every Icon of iOS6 and iOS7 looks different


Comparing between user interface element:

iOS7 user interface element have also changed with respect of iOS6


This comparison between Apple sixth generation operating and seventh generation operating system shows that view of  iOS7 seems to be change with respect to iOS6.